Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thanks Everyone!

Whew! Year Two of the Tour de Coop is history. Great time at the after party tonight at the State Street Zamzows, and more excellent coops throughout the day in Boise.

HUGE thanks to Zamzows for all the support: help with event promotion, gift bags for tour hosts, sanitation kits  for all the hosts to reduce potential disease transmission, and of course, their very fine location for tonight's party.

Thanks to Sustainable Community Connections (Kelsey!) and Treasure Valley Food Coalition for making the registration work and for all the time spent fielding questions this weekend.

Thanks also to Archie's Place for showing up with food and drink.

Ginormous kudos to all our volunteers: Sallie, Gretchen, Kelsey, Martha, Elizabeth, Alison, and their families who helped with creative ideas, planning and implementation.

And of course, thank you to al the tour hosts for spending their days in the spirit of sharing information and their experience about backyard chickens.

Cluck, cluck!

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