Saturday, October 1, 2011

Eagle Tour Swell; Boise To Feature Better Map!

Wow! Some cluckaliscious coops on today's Eagle Tour (with two particularly awesome Boise stops thrown in for good measure). Many of us played tag throughout the day, lingering to take notes on interesting designs, breeds and to chat. Lots of beautiful birds and friendly people.

If we heard one common theme from the hosts, it was how nice chickeney folks are. Lots of hosts and visitors were glad that someone bothered to organize the event, and some even offered to help out next year (eggsellent!). What many didn't know is that this event is organized by a handful of volunteers (with families, day jobs, and even a wedding/honeymoon right before the event!) who have had to figure out how to make it work, and have paid for expenses out of our own pockets, hoping that we'll break even. Thanks to those of you participating, buying shirts, maps and such like, we will likely have funds to contribute to We are grateful.

Click for a slideshow of coops from the Saturday Tour!
Map stuff. A couple of folks had trouble with the map Saturday, but the vast majority (>98%) of those registered seemed to navigate just fine. We'll tinker with the process next year to create a more foolproof and swanky system. The current Google Map instructions include a link to a 'new and improved' document with addresses next to the map pointers for the Boise Tour.

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