Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Tour de Coop Completed!

Thanks to all the great hosts who opened their coops and gardens up to visitors yesterday for the Third Annual Tour de Coop. We had four coops in Eagle and six in Boise. Thanks also to Sara Morisette at the Boise Backyard Chicken Egg-Sperience for the pre-tour love. Major gratitude to the folks at North End Organic Nursery and the following vendors who showed up for the after party:
Henzilla Art by Boise's Own James Lloyd!
A few preliminary photos are contained in this slideshow.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Register Here! Register Now! It is Your Destiny!

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How it works:
We'll email you the link to the online tour map Friday morning. You can prepay and reserve a shirt online, or (if you prefer to see the goods first) buy shirts this week at bricolage or NEON. Adult sizes $20; Youth sizes $15.

We'll also have a selection of the past three Tour de Coop shirts at NEON during the after party from 4-7pm.

Follow us on Twitter @cooptour for live updates throughout the tour!

If you don't register, the terrorists win!