Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tour de Coop Etiquette

Greetings, Chicken Lovers!
As we approach the fabulous Tour de Coop, here are a few reminders for those of you visiting local coops during the tour (remember to register by 5pm this Friday):

1. Dogs and chickens don’t mix; please leave fido at home with a nice chew toy.
2. Be respectful of the tour host’s yard, garden and property, and make sure everyone in your party does the same.
3. We do not expect or encourage tour hosts to open their homes to visitors, so plan your party’s bathroom breaks accordingly and strategically!
4. Ask questions and take pictures.
5. Make sure to attend the after party Sunday from 4-6pm at the at the Zamzows location on State Street. It will be a great wrap up to the weekend, and we'll have tee shirts for sale along with food by Archie's Place and beverages.
6. Please use the shallow foot baths provided to avoid spreading anything unwanted from coop to coop. Wear appropriate shoes and step in the foot bath on entering and leaving yards.
7. Have fun!

Thanks for helping make this a positive experience for everyone.

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