Saturday, December 11, 2010

When dogs kill chickens-know the law

Notice to dog owners and chickeneers. With more uncontrolled dogs breaking into yards and killing chickens in Boise, it is important to review the law in Idaho. If a loose dog enters your property and harrasses or kills your chickens, under law you can kill the dog on the spot with no repercussions (OK, your karma would totally suck). The owner of said dog would be liable for damages and forced to replace the value of any livestock or poultry lost. It's not a pretty picture for anyone.

Sadly, in a few local cases, dog owners have exhibited no remorse for damage caused by their uncontrolled dogs, and have in fact verbally assaulted the poultry owners. It is imperative that poultry owners file complaints immediately with Animal Control. Like paper training a puppy, reckless dog owners must face timely, proportionate consequences in order to raise awareness of the law.

Please note that this doesn't apply if your chickens are running loose in the 'hood. Free range can quickly become fair game.

See the Idaho statute here:


  1. I know too well-- The Boise Backyard Chicken flock was attacked by a dog that made it through two fences and a chicken run enclosure. When we returned the dog to the neighbor he pelleted my son and I with obscenities-- still waiting for an apology from him. or facebook Boise Backyard Chickens

  2. I need neighbor has a huge flock of chickens which she allows to roam free and they make their way into my yard every day. I used to have chickens, but I kept them in a huge chicken run/house. This neighbors chickens have taken to my flower beds, they tear up the weed screen, break down the flowers, scatter mulch/bark into my lawns and leave poop all over my front porch, sidewalk and driveway. How do I ask her to keep her chickens on her property? Is there is law in Idaho about it? Quoting laws to her seem to solidify issues we have had in the past.

    1. OK, here are some responses to your question above from posters to the FB page (I've left them sorta uncensored-I don't know what SSS stands for?):

      1. "Animals at large are animals at large, sounds as if they already have had words about this, if it were me I'd try one more time to talk to the neighbor then I'd SSS or animal control, sometimes hitting people in the pocketbook(ie animal at large tickets explained clearly in Boise city ordinance) gets to them worse than the welfare of their animals!"

      2. "t is nice that we are given the privilege of owning chickens in town, it would be a shame if people without responsibility ruined it for everyone else. A neighbor may allow their dog to roam free in the neighborhood and the option of calling the humane society exists, bird police does not however... With all hopes of an easy settlement, I would suggest speaking with them politely first and get a deadline for a caged/partitioned/clipped outcome. If this is not something they are willing to do, there are many responsible chix owners out there and many more to come that are will to home them. Craigs List is a great place to list if they want to give them away or charge a re-homing fee. If it gets beyond that point, there are trespassing laws that this category may fall under."

      3. " begs the questions of 1) what town or community or neighborhood is she in? 2) if she's in Boise in an urban neighborhood the neighbor can only have six hens. 3) If she and said neighbor live in some of the Collister neighborhoods or other hoods with acreage over a half acre the hens and other farm animals are often grandfathered in 4) she really should politely step up to the plate and speak to her neighbor about the problems she's having with the marauding hens. 5) I guess the anonymous poster could hope for racoons or dogs to take out the roaming hens which happens sometimes. 6) Request a polite police intervention or check with P & Z in the jurisdiction about rules and regulations. 7) Let the offending neighbor know that those hens may end up becoming stewed chicken or coq a vin."

  3. Anonymous:
    I posted this to the Boise/Eagle Tour de Coop FB page. Check there for replies:!/groups/140125582679994/

  4. SSS means Shoot, Shovel and Shutup


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